A sneak peek

I thought it would be nice to share a excerpt from my book. Please remember this is a first draft. Im not sure all of this will make it into the final draft. Hope you enjoy.

WARNING:  This is a New Adult book intended for audiences 17+

I turned  to make another loop around the block. I really should have left the house earlier.  Who was I kidding had my brother not guilted me with ” mom would want us to continue family traditions” , I wouldn’t have come at all.  It was stressful moments like this, trying to find parking in a jam packed beach town on the forth of July, that reminded why I love the seclusion of my bedroom.  No pressure. No stress. This was awful. The vallet guy just laughed when I asked him to park my car. I had been extremly wrong in thinking just because we had a suite at the grandest hotel on the beach front that meant they would have to park my car no matter what time I showed up. Evidently they stopped valleting cars at ten. No parking for miles.

My bright idea of driving around the block until someone left wasnt working out so well. Living on the coast snap dab in the middle of california most certainly had its perks. It’s absolutely amazing here. I mean I live where others people come to vacation.  Holidays like the fourth of July are a terrible reminder of that fact.” Fuck!”  I screamed and slammed on my breaks to avoid hitting the vw bug that just cut me off. ” way to be a dick.” I yelled out my window and flipped the driver of the bug the bird. Fucking asshole.  That’s  it.  I’m done looking.  I would deal with Ryan and his disappointment speech later. I could already hear him saying how mom was looking down on us and how we need to stick together and be there for dad. I could deal with my father being upset with me for once again been a disgrace, as long as I didn’t have to drive in another god damn circle they could all as disappointed as they wanted.  Just then a car pull away from the curb right in front of me. ” Thanks mom, I’m sure that was all you”. I said. Maybe I wouldn’t be a disappointment today after all. I realized I was going to have to have to parallel park. I was  grateful for the parking space dont get me wrong. I just hate parallel parking. Not nearing as much as I hate traffic, but close.  That’s the best part about where I live. It’s  just small city after small city. Traffic is hardly ever an issue, not like down south in la or up north in San Fransico. We’re far enough away from that kind of big city chaos. Except for holidays .Then we’re still close enough for all the big city asses to visit on vacation.  I managed to park without incident. I turned the car off and sank into my seat. Why did Ryan and Dad find it so important to continue the family get togethers. Mom was gone. This was her thing. There was no reason to pretend like we were still a happy family. We weren’t. This was just ridiculous. We could have honored her and still stayed home. I’m sure she wouldn’t have minded.

I looked out the window to see a guy at the back of the truck in front of me.  He unzipped his wet suit and peeled off the top half letting it hang at his waist. He was tall and tan with dark brown hair that was still wet from the ocean. His back and arms were well  defined and i couldnt help but watch him as he loaded his surf board into the back of his truck. I always wanted to learn to surf.  I grew up in the college town about 15 mins away. I had six different beaches within 30 mins from my house. For the life of me I couldn’t think of why I never had.  I bit down on my bottom lip and continued watching the sexy surfer as he wrapped a towel around his waist and removed the rest of wet suit. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish his towel would drop and give me a show.   I watched him walk to the  cab of his truck and grab a bag. As headed to the back of the truck again, I got to really see his front side. He had a set of abs to die for.  And those pecks. Wow. He was all kinds of sexy.  I looked him up and down. Not gonna lie I might have started to drool. His dark brown hair glistened in the sun showing he had some hi-lights.  I felt kind of stalkerish, I couldn’t stop staring.  I couldnt get over how perfectly scaulpted his body was. I also started to envy his tan. Being such a homebody had done nothing but make me pale. I would fix that today hopefully.  He turned and pulled down his tailgate. Good lord, he even had sexy back dimples. Just as I was mentally deciding what he possibly had  going on under his towel he turned and looked at me. I turned quickly half way around and pretended to grab something from the back seat.  I readjusted my oversized D&G sun glasses. They were dark enough to hide the fact that I was starring… right? I  felt the heat in my cheeks and prayed he didnt know I was checking him out. I didn’t have time to stay here and be embarrassed I had to get to the hotel. I turned to see if he was still looking twords me. Thankfully he wasn’t.  Mr. Eye candy was pulling up a pair of white and blue plaid board shorts.  He threw the towel in the back of the truck. His short hung low showing his sexy v on his lower abdomen. Wow I really had to quit gawking. I was embarrassed to be around me. I grabbed my bag and got out of my car. I made a point not to look at him again and started walking twords the hotel.

I wasn’t even five feet away from my car when I saw Kevin and Sara hand in hand.They were just down the block and coming my way.  Holy fuck, this was not happening. Tonya constantly asked me why I chose to be a hermit. HELLO! It was to avoid horrible situations like this from ever happening. My stomach knotted up and I felt sick.  I turned and walked back to my car.  Sexy surfer was sitting on his tailgate talking on his cell.  I headed over to him. I would just talk to him, maybe Kevin and Sara would walk right by me and not even notice I’m here.
“Hey” I said interrupting his phone conversation. I knew I was being rude.
“Yea man, um…can I call you right back?” he said the the person on the phone. He hung up then gave me his attention. ” Hi” he said to me and smiled.
Of course he would have a perfect smile too. As if this wasn’t going to be humiliating enough.
” Hi.” I smiled ” I know that we don’t know each other, but could you just talk to me a pretend like we do?” I asked. He looked at me completely confused. I wished the earth would just open up and swallow me. I twirled my finger around a piece of hair. My chest was starting to feel tight. This was great I was about to have completely freak out. There was no way I could have Kevin see me standing here like an idiot. I should just get in my car. Hide out there. I glanced over my shoulder, Kevin’s eyes met mine. Fuck, if I get in my car now it will look like I’m in fact trying to hide from him. My car was no longer an option. Who cares if this guy thinks I’m crazy, this is def-con one.
“Okay so there is a huge chance I’m about to come off as a Crazy person. Please understand I’m desperate. “
The look on his face said it all, he in fact thought I was crazy.
” Full disclosure my ex-boyfriend who wrecked my world is about to walk by with the girl he cheated on me with. I’m begging you please pretend to know me.” I knew how pathetic I sounded but I could kick myself for that later.
He tilted his head slightly to the right and gave me a confused smile.  Then he just stood there and starred at me. Seriously.
“Roxy?”  Kevin  called out from a few feet away.
Oh fuck me. All or nothing. I stepped forward  stood on my tippy toes and wrapped my arms around Surfer boys neck and pressed my lips to his. Okay, so this was way more than I asked from him. I went from please pretend like we know each other, to actually , let me attack you with my mouth.  Please don’t push me away I thought. I was trying to will this guy not to call me out. Complete surprise and relief flooded my body as I felt his arms wrap around my waist and him return the kiss.  Mmmm. Not saying people should grab a stranger off the street and kiss them, but damn, this guy could kiss.
Kevin cleared his throat behind me.  I reluctantly pulled away from the amazing kissing stranger and turned to face Kevin and his whore.
” Hey Roxy, I thought that was you. ” Kevin  smirked.
I look at Kevin , I hated him for what he did. The painful ache I always got when I thought of him was once again throbbing in my chest. It was a reminder of how much I had cared for him. I pressed my back against … Oh hell, I don’t know his name.
” Kevin.” I mocked surprised. I just looked at Sara. Unfortunately I couldn’t hide my disgust when I did.  Its not my fault my nose instantly crinkles up when I can’t stand something. “crazy seeing you here.” I lied and gave my best fake smile. It wasn’t crazy. This way my own personal nightmare.
Surfer boy wrapped his arms around my waist, I couldn’t help my smile. I was gonna have to pay him or something after this hell ends. He was playing his part impeccably. Kevins eyes darted between me and my savor. I almost thought I saw jealousy cross his face. But that  couldn’t be. He didn’t want me, or love me. He left me. He had Sara.
” Who’s your friend  Rox.” Kevin asked sizing stranger boy up. Could this day possibly get any worse , I don’t fucking know his name. I couldn’t very well introduce his as Surfer boy or Mr. Hottie-mc-Hottie.  Before I had a chance to say anything my hero moved beside me with one arm still around my waist. He stuck out his hand towards Kevin ” Hey man, I’m Jordan.  The  boyfriend.”
My hero has a name.
” Kevin. ” He said and shook Jordan’s hand.  ” this is my girlfriend Sara. ” he swung his arm around Sara’s shoulders and pulled her closer. She looked annoyed with the whole situation , but managed a small smile at Jordan and I just wanted to gag.  I was pretty sure my eyes were on the verge of detaching and rolling all the way back.
” Well Honey, ” I turn and wrapped my arms around Jordan’s midsection ” we should probably head to the hotel. I’m sure my family is wondering where we are.”
” That we should babe” Jordan kissed my forehead.
” It was nice meeting you.” Jordan said to Kevin and Sara.
” Have a great forth.” I told Kevin again plastering on my biggest fake smile. I kept my thoughts of them getting in a head on head collision to myself.  I ignored Sara.
Sara started to walk away and was tugging and kevin’s hand.
” Yea you too” kevin said. ” see you around I guess”
” Yeps. ”  I said. And gave a tiny wave
He turned and walked away with Sara. He then glanced back at us a few times. I had to turn my body into Jordan not to watch him. I let out a deep breath. I will not cry, I will not cry, I will not cry  I told myself. I pushed the tears back the we’re on the verge of spilling over. Jordan’s arms squeezed me tighter as he held me close. He was defiantly going above and beyond. It was comforting and what I needed. I just sank into him. Being held against his chest made my stomach flutter. His body was solid and his skin was so warm. He had a fresh soap and ocean smell. It was intoxicating. Suddenly his arms dropped.
Jordan took a step back. ” they’re gone.” he said.
I looked down. I didn’t know what to say. How was it that this complete stranger just helped me get through the moment every girl dreads.  Now that it was just him and I the realization of what happen was hitting me. Oh my God! I kissed him.  My cheeks heated up. I was beyond mortified. I know people always talk about desperate times call for desperate measures, but no one talks about the horrid moments right after you take those measures. Maybe I could just run away. I mean he already thinks I’m crazy right? Me,  just sprinting off wouldn’t be that huge of a shock. I couldn’t run away though. I look up at him. He was starring at me. I quickly looked away and stared gnawing on my bottom lip. How the hell was I suppose to thank him for what he just did for me? Maybe I could send him a gift basket. My mom always said it was the best way to say thank you. The card could read, “Thanks for pretending to be my boyfriend and helping me save face with my ex. Oh and sorry I raped your mouth with my tongue. Enjoy this wine and extremely expensive, disgusting cheese. ” Noooo,  It wasn’t the type of thing you could send a gift basket for.  I looked at him again. I know I pratically stalked him earlier but now I got the up close view. He was completely gorgeous. He’s about  6’0 foot.  His hair was now dry and it was shaggy and messy, but in a way that if I hadn’t seen it earlier wouldn’t have been able to tell if he spent hours making it look like that. Evidently all he had to do was run his fingers through it. He body was strong and tone. His face… One word… PERFECT!  Perfect lips, full and kissable. I could vouch for that. Perfect chiseled jaw line. Perfect shade of green eyes with flecks of gold.  My stomach fluttered, surprising me. I felt the heat rising in my cheeks and forced myself to look away from him.  I  stood up a little straighter and held my head a bit higher. I decided I could just fake normal. Like this kind of craziness happens to people all the time.

11 thoughts on “A sneak peek

  1. Your writing style is great.. It graps you and keeps you reading.. You have talent.. I saw some books about getting a book published in barnes and noble.. There were several that might help direct you .. Love you, follow your dream

    • I’m so grateful that you took the time to read my sneak peek. I am currently deciding to e-publish my book on Amazon or Barns first. I’m leaning towards Amazon. But I will eventually publish it on both as an e-book. Hopefully one day a big name publisher with hear about it and pick it up. I’m really excited about this new path I’m on. Glad you enjoyed the read. There will be more in the future. Stay toon.

  2. Very good, you have talent.. The story grabs the reader and keeps them wanting to read more.. I saw some books on publishing books, writing books at barns and noble that might help you.. Love you, follow your dreams.

  3. Lol Roxy. I could have guessed that. I have letters and notes in old diaries you wrote and you always put a.k.a. Roxy. Followed by ps did you here about the lakers? They scored a field goal. And the raiders nailed an awesome whole in one. Or something to that extent.

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