way to disappear…

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I have been a horrible blogger and I have failed at adding any new post. I hang my head, for I am disappointed in myself. Okay… moving on now. I have been busy writing. Well, that and spending time with my family over the holidays. By the way I hope you all enjoyed your Holidays as much as I did.

Back to the writing part, it’s going well. I am sad to report I am not immune to writes block… oh how it sucks. I have also given myself a deadline of March to finish my book. It’s my birthday month and I want it to be my present to myself. Yikes! It doesn’t seem that far away at all.

To make up for my late of posts and hopefully get everyone interested in “My Book”. I have decided to post teasers. I’ll probably be posting one every two weeks. So, about my book, I keep referring to it as “My Book”, because horrifyingly enough I still cannot decide on a Title. *hangs head in shame*

I am really enjoying writing and I hope everyone enjoys the final product.  Speaking about writing, I would love if you all helped me to name a Character.  Here is his description…

  • Well he’s male.
  • He’s 19.
  • He’s a heartbreaker.
  • He is also hooking up with the main characters best friend.
  • 5’10
  • Brown eyes
  • A dusting of freckles across his nose.

I had originally named him Tony. I hate this name for so many reason I have no clue why I ever gave him this name. The fact that he is Tonya’s boy toy just makes me despise it more. Tony and Tonya, ummm…. I think not. Well, any name idea would be beyond helpful. I’m going to get to posting that teaser I promised. I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday. Have a safe and fun weekend. It’s the last weekend of 2012 ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!


One word at a time!!!

Yaaaaaay! 28,647 words of my book…. done. This does not include the last chapter which is also finished. Now to just add in the rest of the middle and it will be complete. I’ve got to say, I’m having so much fun writing. I already have three more book ideas in my head. Who would have thought. Me, a writer. Not me, but I’m glad I decide to try. So much fun!! It’s the most amazing outlet I’ve ever had for my emotions. Keep in mind I was the girl who kept a journal. Well, until the unthinkable happen and someone decided to not only read it, but make copies of it. Yep, it got passed around! That someone happened to be my mom. I’ve since forgive her for exposing my teenage thoughts, dreams, and life experience. I just wasn’t able to ever write that stuff down again Writing this book has reminded me how great it feels to get my thoughts and feelings out. Granted my book isn’t about my personal life experiences, but the emotions I give to my characters are pulled from my own different experiences. I love writing. It’s a kind of freedom not everyone finds. I really hope you all enjoy the finished piece. Don’t forget… Smile!!!

Hope this puts one on your face!!