how time flies, damn you world and your need to spin



Wow, how time flies when you are sick. The month of March and I did not get along. Which is actually sad, because it was my birthday month.  Granted there were some moments, and a few days of happiness. Most of March I was sick. Blah. Not even the good kind of sick. You know the kind where you have a cough, go to the doctor, get meds, and then get better kind of sick. Nope. I’m talking about the painful, horrible disabling kind. That a month later is still in full swing hatred of me. Yep I’m talking about the Multiple Sclerosis flare up kind of sick.  Suck it MS you suck. Well that is why I have been mia. But I refuse to let my disease stop me from reaching my goals. I may have been benched for a while, but I have continued to write. Sadly, most of that writing was drug induced crap that got deleted when I reread it. Side note: warning while under the use of prescription pain pills, one should not shop on-line. My hubby was not too happy about the fiasco. Happy Birthday to me!!!

 Just saying. Learn for my mistakes, it’s a bad idea. :p

But I’m sure what you are all dying to hear about is, WITHOUT YOU. Well I am writing the end. It’s coming along. Even if it’s coming along slowly. But it will be done well before I have to turn it into my editor in July. My numb hands have been a challenging to work with, but I am determined and that is all I need to finish this book. Just know that when you read this book it was written but someone who truly loves her story and could wait to share it with you.  If you ever have any question or want to reach me you can get a hold of me on Facebook or through email.!/ReylynnPurdue

im going to get back to Roxanne and he crazy life now. Have a great rest of the week. Don’t forget to smile. Without You teaser to come next Tuesday!! happy dance!!